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First off I hope everyone is doing well. I am currently patiently waiting for my daughter to be born at the hospital. So while I wait lol…… I was looking at setting up DSTAR on the bridge. I know is different and all sorts but wanted to know the correct process as far as where to put i.e REF030C and where I can find the gateway info. Ive had the DMR and also Fusion up for weeks and had QSO’s with no issues.



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First, Congratulation on your soon to be born new family member..

D-Star is a different animal but not so different that the pieces won't fit if assembled properly. Fortunately DVSwitch Server is an excellent way to bring the pieces together.

To understand D-Star, I highly recommend that you visit ircddb.net to better understand what's going on before you dive in. After you've gone there, head over to D-Star Info
and browse through their info. D-Star Info has plenty of info. As is typical with Ham Radio sites, there are a ton of assumptions made which will send you into at least one if not more guessing games. One of the first things that will mess you up is your D-Star Registration. While it clearly states that you only have to register once to use the reflectors you will soon find that some reflectors require additional registration. For instance REF030 is available to all registered D-Star users but REF014 requires permission from that reflectors owner/operator. It's these little things that can mess you up when you're trying to get things going. To begin with, use a test Reflector and avoid the loss of hair. More importantly, use a test reflector to avoid interfering with live traffic while you're getting it all figured out.