DVSM APP server pool

Ralf, DC9NYC

I am sorry - the IP address is: ..., Port 50111, Port 50112, Port 50113

Ralf, DC9NYC

Ralf, DC9NYC

at the moment the test-pool has tree member under a fixed internet-IP to share DVSM as a small HAM mobile-DVSM-App Service with focus - more people to can test, try and use that excellent mobile App-solution for DV. Most will use the App only (or later the http-Client) and will not install, run, care or handle a DVSM-Switch-Server installation (or are not able to do that).

The IPs/Ports of the test-pool are:, UDP-Port 50111, UDP-Port 50112, UDP-Port 50113

No, I will not write an proxy, - I´am a cisco network-guy, but I have testet with a Load-Balancer and a DVSM-Farm with a VIP-IP with method "distribution static-sticky" - and some others LBA-methods. The problem is, - the loadbalancer can not find out witch DVSM-member is used or have mapped Reflectors/TG- linked or bind - or ist is free.The network-LBA can only detect wenn ip/port is not reachable and take-out then the single member from the pool. An LBA needs a criteria or a helper-port or an agent to check service is used/busy/mapped/armed ortransmitting or have Load, - or must can communicate with the properitary HAM/USRP/DVSM-service.

So I think it is a better way, - the APP handle (client side the given member), an decide with member is free. The APP can communicate with the DVSM-Service directly and understand the communication and DVSM-status more better a network-LBA.

At the moment the user enter all destinations under accounts and set check-box manualy to connect one of the member as linke. So, this has compelled me to write the the question for a pool feature in the DVSM-APP it will be a good feature for the big HAM community. Or build a multi-user DVSM-Switch but ist ist more complex as a pool feature. ...

Ralf, DC9NYC



Mike Zingman - N4IRR


The new Analog_Reflector will fill this need. However, tell me more about your pool. Did you write a proxy?  Does it have a list of available ports?  Does it spawn new AB instances on demand?


Ralf, DC9NYC

Hi Steve,
we have installed a public DVswitch server pool. Is it possible APP or hUC USRB client (feature, time later) switch automaticly to the next server entry if selected fails, not reachable, or in use ? (more flexibility - not everyone must setup a DVSM server by self. Not every one "will build a own, dedicated DVSM server". Most will use only the App/hUC-client). ... 
Ralf, DC9NYC