DVSwitch running on 2nd Raspberry Pi

Frank C. D'Amato

I set up a Raspberry Pi last week with Hamvoip.  The Allstar Node is up and running and RF is connected.  It has a private node 1999 also.

I installed DVSwitch on the second Pi (No ALS)

I followed the DVSwitch Installation and User Guide v1.61.pdf instructions but am stuck at the pyUC

I unzipped the USRP Client and copied it to home/pyUC

I ran the following command;
sudo apt-get install python3-pyaudio
sudo apt-get install portaudio19-dev
sudo apt-get install python3-pil.imagetk

I edited the pyUC.ini file
and did a sudo chmod 775

When I try to execute (by typing I get "a -bash: command not found"
Why would I get this error?

My MMDVM_Bridge shows my callsign when I key my radio to the designated TG
My ANALOG_Bridge shows my callsign when I key my radio to the designated TG

I don't see any instructions on setting up the MD-380 Emulator, or how to finally connect the DVSwitch to my Hamvoip Allstar Node located at on my network

Please help

Ken Kayser

Frank.  Anytime you try and execute a command from the current directory, you must proceed it with a ./ so you should enter ./    Also, Python may not be in your path.  Try python3  Let us know what happens

Frank C. D'Amato

I decided i'm not gonna run the pyUC