steps for DVswitch bridge to Allstar 2 pi's

John Springman - KB3AWQ

I have two pi 3's one with running Hamvoip 513963 working fine.  Have DVswitch installed on the 2nd pi both are located at my house.  I think most of the stuff is setup on the dvswitch pi also but I must be missing something or maybe dont have all the directions/steps.  Every search I do gives lots of info but always seems to be missing something.  My DMR id is 3142473 but the dvswitch pi DMR id that is showing online is 314247311.  If everything is set up, I guess I must be missing the crossover conenction to get it to the other pi that has Hamvoip on.  Is there any complete steps/directons/writeups on how to do this with the 2 pi's?  I have a feeling Im close but have spent the week and not getting further.  reply or email fpcaptain at yahoo if your able to help.