HTML client and Analog Reflector release information

Steve N4IRS

Over the past few months we have been working on the release of the HTML client (hUC) for DVSwitch. This is new server component called Analog_Reflector (AR). The purpose of AR is to server the HTML client to users connecting to the server. AR also provides a number of feature for people building bridges Most of the basic features are covered in my post  <>

On Monday March 1st we will make available the Analog_Reflector Release Candidate 1. Though we have had a number of people and groups testing AR, we feel it's time to broaden the base of users testing AR. We expect some issues to arise. We also expect people will try to use AR in a way we had not thought of. We welcome comments and bug reports. That is the purpose of a Release Candidate. I do not know what platforms will be initially supported. That is being worked on now. We do not know how many release candidates there will be before full release. That will depend on the feedback and any issues we observe. The releae candidate will have all features available to be configured.

Between now and Monday we want to start the process of giving users access to a way to sample the features of AR and hUC. We have setup a publicly accessible installation so that any user can try things out. This install will allow anyone to connect to the server and look at the features. You can listen to traffic happening on the reflector in real time. The server is configured for DMR, D-Star, YSF, P25 and AllStar. All digital modes are TG and Master agile. The AllStar Mode is connected to AllStarLink node 2150. That node can be connected to any active AllStar node. By design, this is a shared resource, If I change modes to DMR and change to TG 3166, all connected clients are also connected DMR 3166. If you login with your callsign, you can look around, you can try some things out. What you CAN'T do is transmit and tune. You are a guest. A basic rule of thumb is, if the button is greyed out, it is not available to a guest.

We have setup yet another sub group for discussion <>

OK, so you have read all the stuff above, where is it?  <> When you first connect, you will be asked for your callsign. Since you do not have an account on the server, you will not be asked for a password. In the top right hand corner you will see:

Click on the icon to enable audio. The icon will change to

You are in and listening. There are about a half dozen authenticated users, we will try to move around to demo different modes etc. One thing you can do is send a test to everybody currently connected to the reflector. Go to the Manage tab. You will see the Text Message button. Click on the button and type your message. You can request someone change to a mode and TG. If someone is available they can change modes and TG for you.

One other area of interest is the current documentation. The first entry on the support tab will open a PDF with the current documentation.

Kick the tires, comment in the AR subgroup. Have fun.

For DVSwitch,
Steve N4IRS