N4UPC - Scott

I am running a DVSwitch server (latest release I believe) that only has Analog Bridge <—> MMDVM Bridge on BM DMR. All other modes are disabled. I’m connecting to an ASL node (RasPi 4b) to send & receive the audio from the Analog Bridge. The server is running on an i7 processor with 8GB of memory, an SSD disk and uses a hardware fob in a 3.0 USB port to encode/decode the DMR. Both the server and the node are on the same network and the same gigabit switch.

I have noticed that the server audio lags the audio on another ASL that I’m using as a monitor by 2-3 seconds. My question is if there is anything I can do to lower the delay? I’d like to get it as real-time as possible. The audio sounds great so I don’t want to mess that up!