How to install FreeDMR on DVswitch mobile (This apply for other systems too)

Alberto, KP4AP

How to install FreeDMR on DVswitch mobile
Use a Secure Shell (SSH) like PuTTY
Enter to the DVSwitch Server Main Menu. 
Choose option 02 and hit ok.
In "Advanced Configuration Menu" menu choose option 24 and hit ok.
This action takes you to the "DMR Networks" menu, chosse option 2 (Configure DMR Server) and you hit ok.
"DMR Networks" will appear again, Configure DMR Sever chosse option 4 "other1 network" and you hit ok.
Current Setup will appear. Fill in the data hitting ok
     Network name = FreeDMR
     Server Address = (here you can choose the Server of your preference from the FreeDMR system)
     Password = passw0rd (use zero instead of o)
     Port of other Networks = 62031
I hope this will help users.
Alberto KP4AP 73