P25 North America Net (?)


Hello all.  For those that don’t know me my name is David Coviello, AK4FD.  I’ve been working in Public Safety for almost 25 years and am an avid P25 user and fan (I feel the audio quality is superb and second to none)!  That being said, to bring more attention to the WONDERFUL digital mode that P25 is, I decided to start a Facebook Page and Group dedicated to the 10200 talkgroup!  The fan Page can be found here: P25 TG 10200 (https://www.Facebook.com/TG10200) and the discussion Group can be found here: P25 TG 10200 Group (https://www.Facebook.com/groups/TG10200).

The reason for this message is two-fold.  A) to let you all know about the pages in case you’d like a place to chat and put faces to the names we chat with, and B) because I would like to start our first P25 North America Net that I would do weekly on Sunday evenings and would like your input and/or support.  However I want to clear it with Steve N4IRS first so he doesn’t think I’m hijacking his talkgroup and server.   Any comments/questions/suggestions are welcome!  You can also private message me on here or using QRZ.