DvSwitch works really well


Many users logging into the CQ-UK network either by C4FM or DMR+  has great audio.
CQ-UK is not connected to Brandmeister.
Nice audio via AllStar as well.

I thought it was time for me to play around connecting to the new DMR+ IPSC2 Server FreeSTAR.
I found that there was not a DMR+ talkgroup listing on  DVSM.

I looked where dvswitch.sh was downloading its list from and changed the link to one of my own.
Instead of showing the Brandmeister talkgroups it now shows all of the Dmr+ UK and World Wide.

When connected to IPSC2 FreeSTAR with DVSwitch its possible to have static and on demand Talkgroups.
Just quickly enter a TG number and you will instantly connect. TG 400 disconnects all on demand Talkgroups.

I have had great fun using DVSwitch.
Here is my list of DMR+ UK Talkgroups
Dmr + UK List