#dvs Talk Group Database problem #dvs


Good morning, when I do a "Download(DBupdate+Favorite)" from DVS client by long pressing *, or via DVSwitch Server using "Advanced Options>Configure Favorite TG/Ref>Push to DVSM/UC" to download my favorite Talkgroups, it changes NXDN_node_list.txt and P25_node_list.txt in /var/lib/dvswitch/dvs/tgdb/ and removes all Talkgroups in the list.

On a spare Raspberry PI, I've installed DVSwitch from new, and same thing happens, if I don't do an update the *node_list.txt all OK.

I also attach a good NXDN list and one that changes after pushing down an update.

Any ideas on how to resolve this please, thanks in advance. John


I've temporarily resolved by copying contents from *node_list to *fvrt_list so that I can see talkgroups. What I also noticed is that if I delete the file with errors it gets recreated so assume that it's being pulled down from somewhere centrally that perhaps has the issue?