Strange problem with HB_Bridge and Analog_Bridge

Ian Tulley

I have been testing the following setup and have been getting a strange error on the Brandmeister master server.
I have configured a private node on my existing Allstar server and now have Analog_Bridge and HB_bridge running on a separate server. I have the used my own DMRID + 25 added to the end so giving me 505211025 as the ID to use for connection to DMR. so my gatewaydmrid=505211025 and I can see it under my selfcare as a hotspot on the Brandmeister network, so I know it is connecting using that ID.
In HB_Bridge, I am connecting the 5051 server using TG50527 (for testing) TS2, CC1, all that is OK.
Now I am one of the Sysops for 5051 Master so I have access to the logs of that server, the following is my problem, to do my testing I am using the iaxrpt on an android device and this works fine for my other nodes, so I can connect OK and if I tail -f the hblink.log and hit PTT on the iaxrpt I get the following,
"INFO 2018-02-02 10:02:22,907 (REPEATER-1) Begin AMBE encode STREAM ID: 1153315697 SUB: 1894545 (1894545) REPEATER: 505211025 (505211025) TGID 50527 (50527), TS 2', now my problem is where is the SUB of 1894545 coming from, as when it tries to send this to the Master Server it gets an error as it does not recognise the DMRID of 1894545, so it fails to send.
Hopefully someone can enlighten me on this problem.

Ian (VK2HK)