DMRLink and HBlink repositories.

Steve N4IRS

Over the last week or so, we have noticed a few misconceptions in the structure of the repositories. GitHub allows for multiple branches in a repository. In the case of DMRlink, when you look at the you are looking at the master. For the most part in a perfect world, the master should be pristine. What I mean to say is changes are rare and should be vetted before they are applied to the master. When we want to do a bugfix or add a feature, we add a branch. The new branch starts out as a clone of the master. From there, we start making changes, additions etc. This way people can use the Master branch with some certainty that the code us not changing under them. Every change that is made to the new branch is tracked against the master. Once we have tested the changes and are happy with the results, the changes are merged back into the master. Two things to understand, nothing requires repository management HAS to be done this way and my explanation is rather simplistic. Since the new branch was cloned from the master, it's possible that more then one program has been changed or added. The thing to remember is that within a branch, everything is supposed to work together.

When we built HB_Bridge and IPSC_Bridge, that was the case. The new branches started as a clone of the master. Programs other then HB_Bridge and IPSC_Bridge may have been changed. With out looking at the "commits" or doing a compare of every file within the branches, you do not know what your are going to get. For that reason, you should checkout or "clone" the complete branch. Do not pick and choose from multiple branches. Yes, it MAY work, or it may not. Troubleshooting a mix and match of multiple branches can be time consuming and frustrating. If you want the bug fix or feature of a branch, clone the whole branch. For example to clone the IPSC_Bridge branch of DMRlink, at the Linux command prompt "git clone -b IPSC_Branch YourDirectoryName" This will download the IPSC_Branch into a new directory called "YourDirectoryName". You are now assured that the programs work together. depends on etc.

We have held off merging the HB_Bridge and IPSC_Bridge branches back into the master branch. Since these were significant changes, we wanted to wait and debug before the merge. We will start merging soon so that we can start simplifying and adding features.

73, Steve N4IRS