locked DVSwitch component updates and additions

Steve N4IRS

We have updated all the major components of DVSwitch along with adding a new member of the family.

Analog_Reflector 1.1.19
    AllStar metadata and highlight updates
    hUC toast for corrupt json
    Define reflector exit codes
    Add mode specific UI
    Modal iOS warning on cert mismatch
    Package latest doc file
    Fix AR to AR tune processing
    Add DVSM support for available modes
    Add AllStar node list highlight for transmitting nodes

Analog_Bridge 1.6.2
    Protect threads from signals
    SIGHUP does a LogClose()
   Add STFU as a valid mode

MMDVM_Bridge 1.6.4
    Suppress TAG_EVENTs
    BM Freq adjustments
    P25 and DMR callsign lookup when not provided.
    STFU fix for no audio packets
    SIGHUP closes log.  Next log statement will reopen it.
    Change fatal exit code to 254

STFU 0.3.2
    Add version number to the STFU reporting (user agent)
    Make reconnect remember the last selected TG for re-subscription
    Watch for ping timeouts and re-load
    Add TA

dvswitch.sh 1.6.1
    New URL for allmondb
    Use max of 14 characters to match process name
    Allow a list of processes for getUDPPortsForProcess
    Account for format change of P25 and NXDN host files
    Change APRS host URL Add ASL and STFU