locked sticky DVSwitch-System-Builder

Steve N4IRS

I have uploaded to the git repository DVSwitch-System-Builder a method of adding the programs and scripts people will use to build and run most of the DVSwitch programs. The idea is once you have setup a base Debian (or derivative), the System Builder will add most of the DVSwitch programs, scripts and data files. It will then grab the MMDVM programs, build and install them. All of the programs are unconfigured and ready to edit. This is simply a brute force script to take the tedium out of setting up a fresh system. (Which I seem to do a lot) It does NOT configure the bridges for you. It simply puts most of what you need on the disk. One neat addition, is the start of a dashboard. I am taking the add-on Dashboard and modifying it for use with MMDVM_Bridge. It is a work in progress and if someone, anyone speaks PHP better then I do, by all means help! 

I have more to add (HBlink and DMRlink) and anything else I can think of or be suggested. This is a outgrowth of a System Builder I use to setup a MMDVM system since I usually do not use Pi-Star. Speaking of Pi-Star, DO NOT try to add this to Pi-Star.

Please consider this a community project.

73, Steve N4IRS