FCS to DMR bridge Network watchdog has expired error message

David Young

Created a DVSwitch bridge between FCS room and DMR and am showing in the MMDVM log after each FCS fusion transmission Network Watchdog Timeout error message.  The bridge seems to work normally as audio transmissions between the FCS room and DMR talk group continue.  The problem this seems to cause is that I also have another DVSwitch bridge from an NXDN reflector to the same DMR talk group.  When I transmit from a fusion radio to the FCS room the bridge to DMR and then onto NXDN works, but because the NXDN bridge sees the network watchdog timeout for some reason it stops bridging back to DMR.  If I transmit to the DMR talk group with a DMR radio then this seems to clear the NXDN bridge from not bridging and it starts bridging again until it sees another network watchdog timeout from the FCS bridge. 
I have tried changing ports in both the YSFGateway.ini file and also the MMDVM_Bridge.ini file, but I cannot stop these network watchdog timeout errors which are stopping my NXDN to DMR bridging.  I am thinking this network watchdog timeout error is being generated by DVSwitch but cannot figure out how to prevent it.
Any help would be appreciated.  Attached are my working *.ini files.