HBlink subgroup created

Steve N4IRS

One of the most common questions I get (mostly off list for some reason) is does "MMDVM_Bridge replace HB_Bridge?" Well the simple answer is a emphatic NO!
 HBlink and it's applications, HB_Bridge, hb_bridge_all, hb_confbridge and hb_parrot form the basis of a very powerful set of tools for building and extending HB networks. HBlink can be both a Client and a Server. HBlink and hb_confbridge can allow you to build a network of HB clients and servers where you control the traffic passing between endpoints. MMDVM_Bridge when used to connect to a HB network, can be thought of as the little brother. MMDVM_Bridge can connect to a HB Server and transfer HB traffic to other DVSwitch partners via TLV, only. Support for HB networks was added to MMDVM_Bridge as the last supported network. It did not make sense to us to leave support for HB out of MMDVM_Bridge, but it is no where near as powerful as HBlink.

I have created a subgroup for us to discuss HBlink where we can run wild with ideas on how it can be put to use in our networks.