HBLink timeout crash?



maybe its a bug.

When I disconnect my Pi-Star from HBLink (Disconnect the power supply)

I get the message: Client Do1kbl has timed out.

But when I connect back and disconnect again. I received not this message.
I think its an Error in this lines:

            # Check to see if any of the clients have been quiet (no ping) longer than allowed
            if _this_client['LAST_PING']+self._CONFIG['GLOBAL']['PING_TIME']*self._CONFIG['GLOBAL']['MAX_MISSED'] < time():
                self._logger.info('(%s) Client %s (%s) has timed out', self._system, _this_client['CALLSIGN'], _this_client['RADIO_ID'])
                # Remove any timed out clients from the configuration
                del self._CONFIG['SYSTEMS'][self._system]['CLIENTS'][client]

Maybe you have any Idea to fixit?

Do1KBL, Kim