MMDVM Bridge and YSF Reflector don´t talk to each other


Thats a special one for Steve...
I´m debugging a MMDVM_Bridge and YSF Reflector combo.
Worked before but not anymore.

I have another installation of a MMDVM_Bridge and YSF Reflector combo that works fine. The only difference is: on my setup MMDVM_Bridge and YSF Reflector are running on two separate raspberrys
Here, both share one machine. I have carefully checked the MMDVM_Bridge.ini and DVSwitch.ini  and they seem to be ok.

I have compared the MMDVM and YSF Reflector live logs of my setup with the single raspi setup and I can see Incoming connections to the YSF Reflector and also from BM TG to the MMDVM_bridge, they look fine and identical to the ones on my setup.
The differrence is: The two beasts don´t want to talk to each other..
I see the incoming connection in the livelog of the YSF Reflector but nothing in the MMDVM Bridge log and vice versa.

How do I get the two to talk together?




problem solved. The portnumber on the reflector side was wrong

Greg AD4GC


I have been searching how to combine a YSF Reflector and MMDVM Bridge on the same Raspberry Pi. In my ignorance of how most of this works, I attempted to install the MMDVM Bridge on the Pi that I have a working reflector on, only to lose the reflector. Would you be kind enough to tell me how to put both on a single Pi?