MMDVM_Bridge bug ???

David Young

Having a issue running a DVSwitch bridge from an FCS room to DMR.  Bridge is setup and working but in the MMDVM_Bridge log after every transmission to the MMDVM_Bridge from the FCS room through YSFGateway I receive an error message "Network watchdog has expired".
Also running other DVSwitch bridges, YSF, P25, and NXDN to the same DMR TG, and when this error occurs from the FCS bridge, it causes these other bridges to stay in listen mode as no TX OFF is passed through to them.
I am not sure this is a DVSwitch bug but I cannot find any other problem which is causing this network timeout error.
This network timeout error occurs on every FCS room Tx to the MMDVM_Bridge no matter how long or short the FCS transmission is.

Any help or ideas?
73, Dave