Packet Loss On my DVSwitch Server

Mike Jensen (ZL4IA)

In the last few weeks I have noticed a change when monitoring my DVSwitch dashboard.

I am seeing a LOT of LOSS. This manifests in degraded audio, choppy, on digital voice and Allstar Link using the DVS Mobile Client (both beta and non beta versions).

I am running broadband fibre which has been performing very well. 
Have a look at these amazing loss numbers and please let me know what might be causing this.
I am tending to see this in the evening, the loss I mean. During the day I don't see hardly any losses at all.
Could it be that a possie of gamers is hijacking the local fibre and bringing it to a standstill, ie there's a new fibre bottleneck? I notice that streaming online tv is a-ok quality.

This lossy symptom may have nothing to do with DVSwitch off course.



I have seen this before MANY times, particularly at night, too!  I have attributed it to my rural internet.  Many people on the internet at night....4am shouldn't be, unless your timezone is incorrect...are you using just DVS-server (no ASL/HamV)?