STFU/ODMRT missing calls

Jeffrey [K8JTK]

Anyone using STFU/Open DMR Terminal notice Brandmeister missing/dropping calls?

I notice this going: ASL -> AB -> STFU -> BM. I've played with STFU on an off and mostly went back to DVSwitch which has been nothing but reliable with BM.  But BM doesn't want peering this way.

I currently have STFU connected to 3102.  During a net this evening, I see in my STFU log it shows "Begin TX" and I see packets leaving my system toward the BM Master.  However, on occasion, my Pi-Star hotspot is not receiving anything and the Last Heard dashboard shows nothing bring received.  This appears to happen when stations don't leave space between transmissions (aka tailgate) or there is a quick drop (like Echolink packet loss).

Is there something to configure on the BM side, though it appears to be otherwise working?  Shorten minTxTimeMS? or ???

Analog_Bridge Version 1.6.4
STFU Version 0.3.3