updated hblink/hb_confbridge.py disconnecting from BM

JJ Cummings

I don't believe that it was doing it before the BM fix merge.  pertinent file sha256s included below from each branch.

d8b7f9be364eddf9c9f6726bd2f620f4cd2bc6ca84c57a93424e1ee99cd4f5b7  HBlink/hblink.py
58b4345f450ea2415ebd08005f83e3924bc35aeb8621058015b253ab1dcb8493  HB_Bridge/hblink.py

I have not had a chance to debug at all, so apologies for the lack of info just hoping that someone else has seen this etc...  Note that the 58b4....8493 is the file that is being used (via hb_confbridge.py) to create the HB connection that is disconnecting after a period of time and then not reconnecting.