weird audio from P25 to Allstar

Patrick Perdue


I just connected my P25 reflector to ASL. Though it is part of a multi-mode system, the P25 instance of Analog_Bridge is connected directly to ASL on it's own private node to avoid transcoding layers.

Audio from ASL to P25 is fine, but audio from P25 to ASL has a weird, resonant quality, almost like there are two versions of the PCM stream coming into the node with a very slight delay, less than 10MS, between them.

I've never quite encountered anything like this before, so I'm not sure what to look for. There are no duplicates of the USRP RX or TX ports in my rpt.conf. I can't tell if this audio issue is coming into or going out of A_B from M_B. As I said, the audio going in the ASL > P25 direction is perfectly fine.

I'm using Analog_Bridge Version 1.6.0 Tue JanĀ  5 10:11:29 EST. Any help is appreciated.