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Take ambe from external source (Analog or IPSC) and import it into an HB network
Take ambe from HB network and export it to a foreign network (ie IPSC or Analog)
Need to support both slots.  This means segmenting the data structures using slot based keys
Every slot should remember its TG, slot, CC, source ID, destination ID and repeater ID
Export should just pass through metadata unless a rule is found which could change the TG or slot being identified.
Import should use the current metadata (last seen) for a slot until it sees a new set

The application can be configured as a master:

    This is useful when connecting a MMDVM repeater or hotspot to the network

    Configure the MMDVMHost to point to this instance

Or a peer on an existing master

    This is useful when connecting to Brandmeister, DMRPlus or an existing HB network.

    Use this when you want to share your IPSC repeater on an HB network

    USe this when you want to use dongle mode to access Brandmeister or any HB nework



    Wait for metadata from external network

    Once seen, set up slot based values for source, destination and repeater IDs, color code

    For each AMBE packet from that foreign source, read the data and construct DMR and HB structures around the new metadata

    Send the HB packet to the network


    For each session, construct a metadata packet to pass to the foreign repeater with source, destination, repeater IDs, slot and CC

    Send AMBE to the foreign reprater over UDP (decorated with slot)

    At end of session signal termination to the foreign repeater


Translation of TG/Slot information

    Used when

        local and foreigh repeaters do not have same mapping

        Need to block export or import of a specific TG

        DMO where only one slot is supported (map import to slot 2, export to foreign specs)