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This is a sample application to bridge traffic between IPSC systems. it uses one required ( and one optional ( additional configuration files. Both files have their own documentation for use.

"bridge_rules" contains the IPSC network, Timeslot and TGID matching rules to determine which voice calls are bridged between IPSC systems and which are not.

"known_bridges" contains DMR radio ID numbers of known bridges. This file is used when you want to be "polite" or serve as a backup bridge. If a known bridge exists in either a source OR target IPSC network, then no bridging between those IPSC systems will take place. This behavior is dynamic and updates each keep-alive interval (main configuration file). For faster failover, configure a short keep-alive time and a low number of missed keep-alives before timout. I recommend 5 sec keep-alive and 3 missed. That gives a worst-case scenario of 15 seconds to fail over. Recovery will typically happen with a single "blip" in the transmission up to about 5 seconds.

While this file is listed as Beta status, K0USY Group depends on this code for the bridging of it's many repeaters. We consider it reliable, but you get what you pay for... as usual, no guarantees.