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Welcome to DVSwitch

DVSwitch is a set of tools and programs related to provisioning and operating Amateur Radio digital voice networks.


The purpose of DVSwitch is as follows:

1) Allows “local” networking during an outage of the regional national/international network server.
2) Allows a local network operator to “blend” upstream feeds from different Networks (capital N on purpose). These Networks can’t get their act together and learn how to play nice with each other (everyone guilty as far as we are concerned). They may not like people doing this, but the solution is to grow up and work with each other, and not keep trying to force people to take sides.
3) Allows local segregation of localized traffic with more flexibility.
4) Allows experimentation with linking and how it’s done (part 97 specifies experimentation and advancement of the radio art are a core part of amateur radio).

Mission Statement/Position

Our stated position is:

WHEREAS the Networks continue to be largely islands and are not working together to create a unified network of Networks.
WHEREAS no firm reason has been given by any of the Networks why a *competent* local network operator cannot make this work effectively.

WHEREAS 47 CFR 97 (Amateur Radio Service) specifies that a core component of amateur radio is experimentation and advancement of the radio art [97.1(b)].

BE IT RESOLVED the core group of US amateur radio operators and experimenters organized around the DVSwitch project, and in the spirit of USA 47 CFR 97 and its intentions, support the *responsible* and *thoughtful* use of digital voice networking tools to create localized networks that will interconnect to the national/international Networks, and will support users of its tools in order to do this in the most effective and sustainable way possible.